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DELIMA ZON SDN BHD (DZSB) modelled itself as a productivity focus business entity in Malaysia. Its primary task and function since its inception in 2012 had been to improve the productivity in all areas of industrial undertaking. Year 2012 in its continuous effort to improve the nation productivity, DZSB undertakes to be involved in an advanced molecular engineering to bring about change in the pursuit of productivity for the nation.

DELIMA ZON SDN BHD was incorporated in Malaysia in year 2012 with the keen aspiration to provide solutions for the market Industrial problem of friction in their equipment and machineries for both the domestic as well as the international market need. The appointment of DZSB as the authorized distributor of a new class of lubricant known as POLYTRON to help reduce friction thereby increasing the efficiency of all equipment, allow more complete fuel combustion therefore releasing more energy, while reducing harmful emission.

POLYTRON lubricants form a bond with the metal surface being treated. This reaction is even stronger where there is excessive heat build-up due to friction between two metal surfaces. Most conventional lubricants would be subject to thermal viscosity breakdown and would tend to flow away from these areas, exposing metal to wear.

POLYTRON goes directly to the wear points or hot spots so that protection is supplied where it is needed most. This coating reduces friction and helps to protect your equipment’s parts under the most extreme conditions.

POLYTRON products are regularly improved upon as a result of continuing research and development by leading chemists from the United States, Canada, and England. Many of our customers have saved, not just thousands, but hundreds of thousands of ringgit by using our lubricants and conditioners. Our Clienteles consist of various Corporations, governmental and semi-governmental agencies. Here are some of the areas which we have experienced so far:

  • Government Agencies
  • Ports
  • Palm Oil Mills
  • Steel Mill
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Shipping Company & Shipbuilders
  • Transport Companies
  • Power Plants
  • Weaponries

DELIMA ZON SDN BHD also provides supplying spare parts, consultancy and training services.